Thursday, July 12, 2012

We can tumble

The boys have been taking gymnastics classes once a week at a local gym. They love jumping around and "training" on all the different apparatuses. I see Jonathan as a natural with the tumbling and Bryan is strong and can made it across a set of monkey bars. The pics are from this week's class. They are a bit blurry.

Monday, June 25, 2012

We can swing

We finally installed the second swing and mulched around the whole swing set. This only took about a year and a half! Now we're working on re-seeding the rest of the back yard. I'll admit, it's my fault we don't have grass there. I wanted a perennial garden and knew the first step was to kill all the grass in the area where I wanted to plant. Well, I never quite got to the next step so it's back to grass. ;(.
Back to kid stuff: Did I mention that I signed the boys up for gymnastics this summer? They love it and have been braver than ever on the rings on the swing set. I may live to regret that choice of activities. Pictures and an update at the gym to hopefully come soon.
Pictures are: The yard before mulch & seeding and the boys on the swing set(Bryan in red shorts).

Sunday, June 17, 2012

We can ride a bike

We recently got the boys their first big-boy bikes. Today, Father's Day, we took them for a ride on the Prairie Trail. They rode a strong 4 miles. The pictures below are from today and from when they first got their bikes.

We can swim

So after a lot of consideration, I decided to enroll the twins in swim classes this year. They were in pre-tiny tot last week for a week and a half. The lessons were on getting used to the water, general safety, floating and dunking your head. Jonathan was a natural and when asked to go under he jumped down from the wall he was sitting on and dunked his head right away. Bryan was quite hesitant and would only go as far as his ears. Luckily, he did everything else perfect and the teacher decided to pass him to the next level-tiny tots. They start in August. He'll have to go under for this level-wish him luck!
The pictures are Bryan lounging before swim class and Jonathan excited to get started.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Has it been awhile?

Hello from a rainy Illinois!  It's been quite awhile since I've posted on the blog and quite a bit has happened in the lives of our family since my last posting.  I really enjoy writing the blog, so I'm going to make a new effort to keep up on this.  There's one key reason that I am even able to do this....I'll be home!  My work has cut my hours (and my pay) in half.  That means that I work over the busy season, which is usually from about December through April, and I have the rest of the year off.  I'll be taking the boys out of daycare and I will take care of them full-time.  It will be a huge change for everyone, but I'm welcoming the change of pace and I'm looking forward to FINALLY getting the boys potty-trained.  Be on the lookout for future posts and give me a hard time if I don't.  There's nothing like good old fashion guilt to get me going.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

'Tis the Season, part 5

Wow, this was a long trip! In an effort to show you the remaining of the pictures, I'll keep commentary to a minimum. First off, we're back at my Mom and Dad's house for Christmas dinner.
My brother (Uncle Charlie) holding his daughter, Taylor

Matt with Taylor (he was the only one she would let hold her)
My nephews Ethan and Carter with my Mom
Carter sticking up his dukes against his daddy, Ryan.
The twins and Carter giving Uncle Ryan a run for his money.
Pinned him!
Uncle Charlie, Aunt Sara and Taylor - such a beautiful family!
The dinner table filled to the rim!
Aunt Steffani, the future Uncle Matt, and Carter
Play-doh is our game of choice!
My best attempt at getting Taylor to smile for me.
Ice Cream party!
Aunt Steffani with Carter and Ethan
Uncle Ryan getting into the Play-doh action
My cousin James flashing peace with Taylor guess :)
Jonathan was in love with this globe!
Pgh skyline on our way out of town
Da burg
Heinz factory - love it!
The next day, we head up to Clarion to visit Great-grandpap Bevevino, aka "Red".
Jonathan being shy - it can be done
Bryan chillin on Nana
Cousin Patrick was great with all the kids
I just love the faces!
Oh boy, we're in trouble!
Everyone sitting around the table catching up and telling old stories.  One of the best things about going to Grandpa's!
This tree is beautiful every year.  It just glows ever-so-softly.
Watching the game 
The boys testing Papa's puzzle skills. (Bryan on left)
Aunt Patty made a "History of the Bevevino Family" photo book and it's amazing to read about all of events that lead up to this generation. Time flies, but there's still time to embrace the history that got you to where you are.
Lucy and Papa comparing teeth.
The Patriarch of the Bevevino family, David "Red" Bevevino
Matt and AJ giving their approval of the rolls.
The Bevevino Family
Finally, our last stop was at Glen Hope to visit Nanny and Popu.
Jonathan doing everything he can to make a mess.
Nanny showing the boys the Christmas duck.
Bryan just HAD to rearrange Nanny's spice drawer.  Every single bottle and can was out of that cabinet.  Be warned, do NOT interrupt Bryan while he's in the middle of this or you'll get an ear full!!
The twins loved to run up and down this hallway.  The oddest things make them happy.
Once they would take a lap down the hall, they would go down the stairs and plop down right there and yell for us to look at them.  It was pretty cute except for my nerves being worried if they would fall.  Boys!  There is no fear!
Popu was blowing bubbles for the boys and they would try to pop them.
Uncle Jim and Aunt Lisa stopped by for a visit.  Bryan and Jonathan had a great time horsin' around they didn't want him to leave!
Well, that was our Christmas vacation from 2009.  I think I have very few pictures from January through May, so this next post will be a quick run through the spring and then I'll catch you up on our most recent trip, Twins Tour 2010 where we went to PA and Bethany Beach.